Why We're Different

clean room facility

Committed to providing innovative & technology driven solutions, Vishakha has invested significantly in setting up an in-house R&D centre, enabling us to create customized solutions.

benchmark products

Vishakha seamlessly delivers benchmark quality products - a feat made possible by expertise gained through years of polymer experience coupled with a comprehensive R&D and QA setup.

social wellness

Vishakha is a proud contributor to the generation of green energy, and a firm believer in social wellness. We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the society in which we live.

future vision

Vishakha strongly believe that investment in skilled & qualified people, good processes & practices, and top-of-the-line equipment will lead to a bright future.

work flow

Vishakha production unit works side by side with our R&D department to ensure highest quality every step of the way throughout the manufacturing process.

corporate targets

Becoming the most trusted global company in the field of renewable energy e.g. solar module components - EVA Encapsulant, Backsheet.


To give you a taste of what you are able to see, you can view some of the latest products offered from all of Vishakha brands here. We are excited to introduce you with our latest products. We welcome new customers and thank our existing customers for choosing Latest Products since our inception.


EVA by Vishakha

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) sheet is copolymer resin used for encapsulation of Solar cells. It is not only protects the cell from jerks and shocks but also increases the life of solar cells by preventing oxygen and other gasses from oxidizing the cell during the normal function of producing power.

Vishakha Renewables Pvt. Ltd. manufactures high grade PID resistant EVA in the state of the art facility in Mundra, Gujarat

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Vishakha Backsheet

Backsheet by Vishakha

Vishakha Solar Films Pvt. Ltd. manufactures backsheet that provides protection from moisture, physical damage and UV rays, while also minimizing the occurrence of electrical discharge and thermal degradation.

Vishakha is dedicated to produce the best products in this category.

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